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The Clay

Cherylene Caver gathering raw clay for pottery
Clay in Southeast Utah
Clay in Southeast Utah


Processing raw clay
Clay preperation
Grinding wild clay


Early Ceramic Plains Woodland Colorado Cherylene Caver
Burnished Anasazi White Slip


Rocky Mountain Bee Weed Organic Anasazi Piant
San Juan Redware slip clay Southeast Utah
Yucca Brush Painting Pottery Bee Plant
Paint Brushes Anasazi Pottery
Organic Bee Plant Paint Anasazi Pottery
San Juan Redware Slip Clay Utah


Edge of the Cedars Museum Replication Pottery
Replication Anasazi Pottery
Yucca Brush Pottery Reproduction


Cherylene Caver Firing Pottery
Anasazi Black-on-White Firing Pottery
Anasazi Reduction Pottery Firing
Plains Woodland Firing
Cherylene Caver Loading Pottery Kiln


Early Ceramic Plains Woodland Pottery


Anasazi McElmo Reproduction Pottery
Southwest Kiln Conference Cherylene Caver Mesa Verde Cooking Jar
San Juan Redware slips
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